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So, you're ready to apply for representation in our very competitive industry.

Whether you're just out of theatre school, jumping from another career, or maybe you're not happy with your current rep, we can help you to create a strong package for agent submissions. You need the right materials to show your current accomplishments and showcase your talent and we can help. We will also give you guidance to find and apply to the best agent for you, be it musical theatre, TV, video games, or representation for minors. 

Packages start at $100 

What we can provide: 


Usually when you sign with a new agent, you will be asked to get headshots that they approve of, often from a photographer that they always use or recommend. For this reason, we advise against spending the money for a full headshot session until after you have representation. We make sure you have 1-2 shots that represent you.


We will help to format your resume to industry standard. 

DEMO REELS (clips of acting/dance/singing) 

Find out more here to take your package to the next level.

If you already have footage, we will edit it together for you!


Using our years of experience and research, we work with you to find the agents most suited to you and your goals. Some agents are more known for Musical Theatre, some are TV/Film, and some are the 'go to' agent for kids.  Agencies can be TAMAC but then, some aren't - what does this mean? We help you navigate the sea of representation and avoid the scam agents. We can provide contact information and will also review your cover letter before you submit.

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