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Filmmaking workshops

Blahzay Creative loves being involved with local schools and inspiring our future generations. That is why we created BLAHZAY EDUCATION. Students get to meet and work with professional filmmakers and directors who are also highly trained facilitators.


Full and half day workshops working in front and behind the camera! Learn how to shoot, direct, act, or maybe even write a new screen play!  


Topic themed workshops available. 


Contact us here or call 07598792545 to have us at your school.



movie in a day

Whatever your topic, pirates, vikings, romans, AROUND THE WORLD, maybe even volcanos or GORILLAS- there is a movie to be found in everything.  


Our facilitators and professional film crews will create a movie in a day with your students while exploring the cirriculum! Give us your topic and lets make a movie!


Contact us to start creating.

Check out the trailer from a bespoke literacy workshop! 

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