Coffee or phone conversation with writer to discuss ideas for 3 Scenes of varying genres tailored to the castability of each actor.



You will receive 3-6 scene ideas to choose from. Choose three scenes that resonate with you and then our writers will write you the original screenplays. Take your time working on this script, we recommend spending time with an acting coach so that you’re fully prepared for your day on set.



depending on your scene you will need other actors, locations scouted, props, wardrobe and the suitable kit hire. We will help source your actors and assist with locations. However, it is your responsibility to source your wardrobe, props, and set pieces (if applicable). For an additional cost you can have our producer sort everything for you*, and you just show up.

*Note: certain scenes may require additional cost for production expenses. Please bear this in mind when choosing your scenes. Any questions just ask our producer.



We shoot on a broadcast quality camera with a crew of two-three depending on the scene. You will have a Self Shooting Director(DOP), a sound technician, and possibly a gaffer. Make- up and wardrobe are available at an additional cost. 1 day shoot



We will edit a slick 2 minute reel displaying your best moments of each short film. So, that would be three clips grouped onto one video. We also offer a coloring and grading service if you’d like to take your reel one step further(additional cost).



In order for Blahzay to certify your work for Imdb, your films need to be screened. Included in the cost is a small scale (private) screening in the distillery district at a condo theatre room. However, you are free to make this event as big as you’d like. Often our clients make a whole night out of it – we are happy to connect you with an event manager.  After the screening and the credits have been verified- we will register all the cast and crew in your short films. This gives you the credit. We can help you to set up your Imdb page so that the credits land on your page.



Or $550/scene





Reels are recorded and edited from our home studio. For an additional cost, we can work from a local studio. Once booked in, clients are invited to have a phone consultation, where we can discuss the kind of voice reel you want, and talk about the balance of pieces needed to play to your strengths most successfully. I can guide you through the whole process of finding and choosing pieces for yourself, and have a huge database of scripts to provide you with some of the material if desired.

When we edit your reel, we 'comp' (compile) each piece from the best versions of each take, often using different lines from many different takes to reach a final 'perfect' version. We then add carefully chosen music and sound fx to enhance the final sound, creating a 'straight from the radio' feel, and finally edit the highlights of all the pieces into the montage.

High quality MP3s of your reel will be provided via WeTransfer upon completion.




The 'Commercial', or 'Agent' reel

The final reel will contain 5 to 6  pieces, made up of a mixture of commercials, promos, idents and character ads.

The Games, and/or Animation reel

 If you have a gift or passion for character voices and animation, a talent for accents that aren't your natural voice, or simply want to get into the games industry this is the reel for you. You can either blend animation and games together into one single montage - typically around 90 seconds - or specialise in just one or the other. (Games makers are increasingly demanding games specific reels).

Foreign language/Dialect Reel

Exactly what it says on the tin, if you have a convincing accent foreign to our local market, chances are that you’re one of a few. Having a reel to show this makes it simple for a casting director to hear what you can do.

Narration Reel

Ideal if you’d like to get into radio plays, audio books, and VO for documentaries.




Includes 3hr recording session and edit

Ask about multiple reel discount

Voice Over Reels

Here at BLAHZAY we are all about the bespoke approach. All the scenes we film for our clients are tailor made to meet their every need, whether it’s a dramatic scene, a comedy or maybe something more out-there and different. Part of this personalised treatment is our script writing service! We have a team of very talented writers waiting to create the best scene, just for you. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a scene from an existing film that totally suits you. So our team speak to you personally and work on giving you that script you have always wanted to shoot. So for tailor made scenes, speak to our team about getting some scripts written at info@blahzaycreative.com Because there is nothing more satisfying as an actor, when someone is writing a script JUST for you.



(one style/routine)
(two styles/routines)


(one song)
(two songs)